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Access your NETGEAR® ReadyNAS® Ultra media remotely and play on compatible consumer electronics in your new location.

The NETGEAR® ReadyNAS® Ultra family of Network Attached Storage devices now come with Skifta. Follow this setup guide to help get you started.

Download ReadyNAS User guide Download the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Setup Guide

Getting started

Start your ReadyNAS® Ultra set-up wizard (refer to your ReadyNAS® manual for URL information), and download the Skifta add-on here. Install it from the 'Updates' section of your administration console, then select the 'Installed add-ons' section from the 'Services' menu. Scroll down to the Skifta add-on.

Enter your info

Enter your Skifta user name and password. If you don't have one, sign-up here, it's free. Enter a place name for your ReadyNAS® and click "Save". That's it! The green light indicates that your Skifta account is working properly.

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