How Skifta works

See how you can get the most out of Skifta.

Photo opp

Skifta is useful for streaming pictures from your phone, and it can also be used to access photos you want from the Internet. Why should your favorite photos be confined to your phone?

Wouldn't it be great if you could watch them on your TV? Now you can...

1Use Skifta to view photos on your phone or from one of
your Skifta Channels
2Stream your photos to a DLNA-compliant TV or PC on
your Wi-Fi Network
3Enjoy in high quality - the way the photos were intended
4Control the experience from your mobile phone
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The emergency DJ

We've all been there. You get to the party ready to groove.
The place is packed and the speakers are massive. But the
music, well, let's just say it's falling a little flat.

So what do you do? You've got the tunes to bring the
house down but they are back home on your PC.

1Use Skifta on your phone to access the playlists
on your PC at home
2Connect to the music system at the party
through Wi-Fi
3Hit play and save the day
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The family film

The vacation was fantastic and your home movies are in the can.
All you need to do now is visit the folks and show them what a
great time the family had.

But this time, copying everything to a CD and transferring it
all to your parent's computer won't be necessary.

1Start up Skifta on your mobile phone
2Use Skifta to remotely access home movies on your computer at home
3Wirelessly connect your phone to your parent's DLNA-compliant TV
4Gather everyone together, sit back and enjoy the show
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Skifta on your phone

Skifta is currently available in the Android Marketplace for smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 or above. With Skifta, your smartphone becomes a global remote control that allows you to access music, videos and photos from multiple locations, including the phone itself, and stream them straight to your DLNA™ or UPnP TV, Sonos system, PlayStation™ 3, Windows 7 PC or one of thousands of other compatible devices.

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Install on your PC

By downloading a small piece of software onto your PC and configuring the media server plugin, all of your music, videos and photos are now available from anywhere. It's really just a gateway and sits there quietly in the background doing its thing. But the clever bit is that it lets you access your stuff from one place (e.g. the music on your computer at home) and stream it to another device via your smartphone (e.g. the DLNA/UPnP digital radio at a friend's house).

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Skifta not only works by tapping into Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA™) technology, it was the first software to ever reach the status of being DLNA Certified™. DLNA is a communication protocol that allows electronic devices to talk to each other on a network, regardless of the manufacturer or model. Every month, more and more DLNA-certified devices are becoming available.

It's probably safe to say that before long all new TVs, digital radios, digital photo frames, games consoles, etc will be able to communicate via the internet or on home networks. And it's DLNA that lets you watch the videos on your phone through your TV. Or view the photos you have in the cloud on your digital photo frame. Just look for the DLNA logo on your devices at home or when you plan to make your next purchase.

To learn more about DLNA Certified devices, visit: