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What is Skifta?

DLNA Certified

Skifta - May your stuff be with you.

Skifta is an easy way to control, play and enjoy your music, videos and photos at home and on the move. There's no uploading to the web or syncing to your phone. In fact, you don't copy or move your stuff at all. You just leave it where it is. Then, whether it's somewhere on the Internet or on your computer at home you can access your stuff remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

And here's the magic bit.

Not only can you access your digital media from anywhere, with your smartphone or tablet you can also stream it to DLNA-Certifiedā„¢ and UPnP-compatible TVs, IP-connected stereos, PlayStation 3 game consoles, Windows 7 PCs thousands of other connected consumer electronics devices anywhere.

So, you can take your digital media with you, without actually taking it with you.

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